3-5 Top Sites


Language Arts

Link Description
 Ag in the Classroom Survey  
Shel Silverstein Poetry Site Fun with Poetry - Fun!
 100 Writing Prompts  Story Starters
 K5 Computer Lab Google Docs and More


Link Description
Harcourt School Publishing Regrouping Addtion
Math Mayhem Timed Multiplication Facts
Math Playground All Math Skills
Billy Bug Coordinates (Positive Numbers)
Billy Bug 2 Coordinates
Banana Hunt Estimating Angles
Internet 4 Classrooms Many Math Sites & Skills
Woodland Math Games Many Quality Games
Geoboard - Math Playground Learn Perimeter & Area
Icy Slides, Flips & Turns Identify Flips, Slides & Turns
Multiplication.com Many Fun Multiplication Fact Activities
Math Fact Pro Drill and Practive Math Facts
Set Daily Puzzle Brain Teaser
Spirograph Online Spirograph
The Ruler Game Reading a Ruler
Fun Brain Measurement Reading a Ruler
Bite Size Excellent Math Games
Kidz Zone Create-A-Graph
Johnnie's Math Page Many Games, Many Levels
Mr. Nussbaum's Math Math Games for All Areas
 Sheppard Math  Fractions
 Turtle Diary Graphing and Tally Site
 Top Marks  Interpreting Data
 The Data Bank
 More Graphing
 Top Marks Pictographs
 HMH Player Check  Go Math Device Check
 Go Math  Math Curriculum

 Social Studies

Links Description
Map Puzzles Maps & Map Puzzles of the World
Ben's Guide to US Goverrment Games and Resources
50 States Information on all 50 States
The 50 States Information on all 50 States
St Louis Post Dispatch Online Newspaper for Students

 Science & Health

Links Description
Kids Health Health Facts for Healthy Living
Weather Wiz Kids A Great Weather Site
 Tornado Facts More Weather Information  
 Fun Weather Facts
Weather Information and More  
National Geographic Great Site for all Science Topics
SSE Kids Solar System Exploration for Kids
Nutrition Health Great interactive site for nutrition
A - Z Animals Information on many animals
Planets for Kids Information on Solar System
Kids Astronomy Information on Solar System
 Daily Intake Guide  Nutritional Information
 Phet Interactive Simulations  Science Games
 Sound Video  See how sound and light travel
 sqworl  More Science Games
 Switch Zoo Animal Games  Animal Science
 What Do Animals Eat? Animal Science


Art & Fun Educational Sites

Links                                                                                Description
Kidport. All Subject - Assortment of Games......,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Kids Games All Subject - Assortment of Games
Learning Planet All Subject - Assortment of Games
JigZone Online Puzzles of all Types
JigSawPuzzles Online Puzzles
Draw A Stickman Creative, Cute & Fun
ABC Ya All Subjects - Games
Utah Education Network All Subjects -  Educational Games
Mesker Park Zoo Take a Tour of Mesker Zoo
 Interactive Learning Games All Subjects
 Riddles  Do Riddles
 Paint Combos   Find colors that look good together
 Paint Colors  


Links Description
Dance Mat Typing Fun Method to Learn to Type
ABC Ya Filling in Missing Keys
 Type Online  Learning Number Keypad
 Free Touch Typing  More Number Pad Practice
Learn How to Type How Fast Are You?
 typing.com  Lessons for all levels of ability